v0.0.1 - The Beginning
Everything has to start somewhere.
This version was just a button and a text that told you: "You have clicked * times"
Fun Fact: I made that in few minutes.

*Changed the default score message to "Click the button to begin"

v0.1 - The Poop Update
*Added poop image
*Made fancy hover and click actions
*Changed the default score message to "Click the poop to begin"

*Fixed the Click button
*Removed the Click button

v0.2 - The Upgrade Update
*Added Cursor
*Added ppc
*Relabeled "You have clicked * times" to "Poop: *"
*Added upgrade table

v0.3 - The Butt Update
*Added pps
*Added butt
*Worked hard on the buying and stuff

*Added "spacebar clicking" - not really clicking, but oh well

*Added Public Toilet
*Cleaned some code and made adding rest of the upgrades easier for me
*Improvements and bug fixes

v0.4 - The Save Update
*Added Poop Condenser
*Added saving, loading and resetting
*Improved game loading and auto load at startup

v0.5 - The Final Upgrades Update
*Added Toilet Tardis
*Added Poop Facility
*Added Nuclear P. Plant

*Fixed bug with loading where if you didn't have something stored, it would have been 0

v1.0 - The Official Release Update
*Final improvements
*Added footer to the bottom of the page.
*Added changelog. Hi!
*Added one more line here so it looks like I actually did something for this version.

v1.1 - The Moonlit Update
*Added switch for light/dark theme
*Added light theme
*Added dark theme
*Added link to github

*Modernized code style

v1.2 - The Rain Update
*Added switch for rain feature
*Added poop rain feature